Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is SoH Studios?

    SoH Studios is made up of 3 people dedicated to creating stories and art. We love to just sit around and make up scenerios for characters, developing stories and characters, etc. Son is the founding member of SoH.

  2. Can I Join SoH?

    No. Please do not ask if you can join SoH. If we want a new member we will decide if someone will join or not.

  3. What About Scoot, Spikerman, 2K, and Daggy? Are they part of SoH?

    No. These people are good friends and affiliates of SoH Studios. They may help and support SoH, but they are not part of SoH.

  4. Can I be a Moderator for the Website?

    No. Please do not ask. We will make someone we trust a Mod.

  5. When Are You Bring Out/Updating "This" or "That"?

    Keep in mind, we at SoH have lives. We will try to keep steady updates, but if we suddenly dissapear we will alert people if we do so. The front page will be used for updates on our projects and life. If there is a delay on something we will let you know.

  6. Can I Donate Money?

    Sure can! If you donate, you can help us improve our website, artwork, technology, etc. We could really use the money so we can improve SoH and our projects and give you, our viewers and customers, a better experience. The donate button can be found at the bottom of every page.

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  1. Do You Do Commissions?

    Yes, we do commissions. In fact, Son does the commissions.

  2. What Kind of Commissions?

    We do digital art commissions. At present we cannot mail prints to people (due to lack of funds). We will provide information in the commissions section of our website (not up yet).

  3. How Much Do Commissions Cost?

    The costs will be provided in the commissions section.

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Voice Work

  1. Do You Do Voice Acting?

    Yes, we do Voice Acting. In fact, Son does the voice acting.

  2. Will You Voice in "This" or "That"?

    Yea, please email me or contact me somehow. Please go to the Voice Work page.

  3. What Will You Voice In?

    Pretty much anything. Son is perfectly fine with pretty much anything. However, no porn.

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